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Dr. Carri is my miracle practitioner! After many years of pulling my hair out and trying everything to solve my health issues, while steadily gaining weight, losing my energy (and, in all honesty....my mind)... under her care during the past year, I have lost 28 pounds, stabilized my blood sugar, and am well on my way to avoiding diabetes. I have been guided towards a new way of eating that feeds my body and my brain, solved my digestive issues....need I go on? If you're searching for health answers on many levels, I would consider Dr. Carri. - Lissa Fawcett

Imagine that: a doctor who listens to her patients and doesn't turn you away, deflect or stop looking for answers. Dr. Carri is the first doctor in my 20 + year struggle to get answers to truly care enough to help me find the cause of my progressively decreasing health. In just 7 months she has helped me to regain energy and quality of life that I haven't had in such a long time. She's super bright, super caring and a super sleuth in diagnosis and treatment. In short, a living and literal answer to my little family's prayer! And, I know, the best is still yet to come!
- Chantal Marion-Donkers

I ordered Dr. Carri's book and signed up for her emails ... before I even received the book I'd received so much free information that set me on the path to figuring out my long-term health problems ... I simply can't thank her enough for all of the wonderful information she's giving to the public for FREE! Her basic explanation of how to put your health timeline together set light bulbs off in my head - absolutely amazing! I cant wait to begin reading her book! THANK YOU Dr. CARRI!  - Gail Shankland

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