Vitamin D Proven to Influence Our DNA

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient, this I already knew. But recently a study came across my desk that really sealed-the-deal for me.

You see, I am talking about a simple vitamin that is very cheap and does so much more than make you feel good, or has anti-aging effects. This vitamin actually can influence your DNA…and I am talking human DNA, not mouse or rat DNA.

There are 2,776 known binding sites for vitamin D on our genes.1 I want you to think of these binding sites like a lock and key mechanism. There are 2,776 locks along the length of a strand of DNA. Vitamin D is the only key that fits into these locks. This means it directly influences our DNA. Amazing!

In fact, there happens to be an “unusual concentration” of these binding sites on the areas of the genes known to activate/influence/control autoimmune diseases (such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis), certain cancers (such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia and colorectal cancer), and type I diabetes.1

Now take a moment and think about your family history. What diseases run in your family? Cancer? Autoimmune disease? Heart disease? In my family it is breast cancer, heart disease, and polycystic kidney disease. You bet I am doing everything I can to influence my genes in a good way, including taking vitamin D.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Carri

PS – Vitamin D levels can be assessed with a simple blood test for $30-40. Do you know your level?

PSS – Vitamin D is not the only nutrient known to influence our DNA. Others include B12, folic acid, and biotin, to name a few.


1 The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics